We asked ourselves,
“Could we make it even better?” and “If so, how?”

Lakeside Park has often been described as the crown jewel of the Fond du Lac community. The park boasts a historic lighthouse, an antique carousel, a miniature train ride, a picnic area, numerous fishing docks, and a large playground. All these features make Lakeside Park an ideal place for people of all ages to spend the day along the water.


City Council formed the Lakeside Park Exploratory Committee (LPEC) to act as an advisory team to the Council in regards to new ways for Lakeside Park to be used. The committee then presents its ideas to the Council. The LPEC completed their review in 2015 and presented 27 recommendations for future Lakeside Park Developments.

LPEC Final Report (2015)


The Lakeside Park Master Plan was approved by City Council, with work to begin in 2017. Some of the renovations in the Lakeside Park Master Plan includes the restoration of the pavilion, building an amphitheater, and installing a splash pad. The entire Lakeside Park Masterplan can be found above.

LSP Masterplan (2016)


In these two years, many ideas from the masterplan were completed. A change to the plan included the idea of a new Pavilion being built, along with an outdoor plaza, in 2020.

Fall of 2019

City Council was approached by the Supporters of Lakeside Park Exploratory Committee with concerns that the existing master plan did not carry out the vision of Lakeside Park becoming a true destination for visitors from outside the community. The new plans presented by the Supporters of Lakeside Park Exploratory Committee were approved in February 2020. The key components of the new plan included remodeling the existing Pavilion, building a new multipurpose facility, and adding an Amphitheater.


An update was presented to the City Council and the Advisory Park Board with more details on the Pavilion remodel and how the group planned to move forward for the remainder of 2020.

July 2020

Proposals for a feasibility study regarding the multi-purpose building with a restaurant and meeting space, rotating exhibits on Lighthouse Point, and the possibility of a synthetic ice skating rink on Oven Island were collected. The winning proposal was submitted by Johnson Consulting and expected to be completed by October 14, 2020.

History Spotlight

The original pavilion and bridge

Steam Locomotive No. 2714

Lakeside Park

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